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Champion Dancer's Logo

Your logo represents you. Create recognition for your business or your team.

Take advertising your business to the next level; together we transform your beautiful business logo into a lovely piece of jewelry. You will be surprised how wearing your logo will create opportunities for communication.

Honor your team members with gifts of logo love. A piece of jewelry based on your team logo creates camaraderie and is an everlasting reminder of that special mentor and the joys of teamwork.

Pendleton High School’s Dance Team~Rhythmic Mode

This all began in 2012 my nephew Parker Blakely and I collaborated on a commemorative pendant for the junior class to present to the graduating Rhythmic Mode Seniors.

I have had the great honor of continuing making their pendants every year since. Thank you juniors for the privilege of participating in your incredible success.

Congratulations Rhythmic Mode 2012-2019!

We can work together with your unique logo and transform it into a beautiful piece of jewelry.

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