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…Love is what fuels my creativity. Fuel is what gets us going and keeps us going. Whether it is fuel for a car or fuel that keeps us warm. Without it we are dead in the water. Creativity requires inspiration that acts as the spark and fuel in the form of motivation that keeps up the momentum. Love is my source and my life long desire is to have love at the center of all of my relationships. It is for this reason that I believe love to be my inspiration and motivation for creating jewelry. Ultimately it is God’s Love for me and His desire for a relationship with me that is at the very center of my being. He created me; His Love draws me close and sustains me in times of difficulty. The more I know about God; the more I want to know Him personally. The more I get to know Him through His Word, prayer and His fingerprints on my life; the more I want to introduce Him to others. This is my fuel for creating jewelry. Spending time in His Word and with Him fills me to overflowing with His Love. I long to share His Love with you through jewelry that speaks volumes about Him and His Word. Thank you for going on this adventure with me, Bobbie

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