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Are you longing to share
the Hope that is in you?

Allow me... 

to take what God planted in your heart and place it in your hand and around your neck.

  • Purchase a ready-to-order handcrafted original piece of Jewelry by Bobbie.

  • Or co-create a one-of-a-Kind Custom handcrafted original piece of Jewelry with Bobbie.

Bobbie putting Jesus Tree necklace on Sierra

Encouraging Words

“My Heart Dove necklace is comfortable and durable. It is something beautiful I can even wear with my toddlers. When I wear it I am reminded of the Prince of Peace, Jesus!” 



Benjamin and Jalna wearing Heart Dove necklace


Three Facets of what I do

Bobbie in Studio creating jewelry

It is a common practice to choose a word for the year or a season of time. 

Our thoughts, words, actions, and even our emotions are transformed as we consistently remind ourselves and testify to others about how Jesus has changed us and our circumstances. 

My  jewelry is handcrafted with inspired words and symbols to adorn people with their affirmations. 

Bobbie presenting handcrafted Custom jewelry to customer

It is my great pleasure to help people celebrate and remember their victories in God’s presence. By taking what God has placed in their hearts and putting it into their hands in the form of  beautiful handcrafted custom jewelry. 

Having this reminder with them they can be encouraged and easily share the Hope that is in them. 

Sierra creating a ring with Bobbie

I am passionate about God’s Word. The closer I walk “With Him” the more I want to share Him with others. 

I invite young women into my studio to create an “HonorRing”. Together we create a reminder in the form of a ring to honor God, Parents, and self. 

The Hebrew Word Sh’ma says it best: “Hear, Declare, and Obey.” Deuteronomy 6:4

Heavenly Words, Clouds, Books

These are a Few of my Favorite things:

  • Getting to know God: as He says He is

  • Loving Him

  • Walking With Him

  • Creating  precious metal and gem jewelry With Him 

  • And sharing Him and His Kingdom with others.

Sierra and Bobbie praying

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Let me introduce you to Matt Tommey, my mentor and friend.

God Called Matt to be a Father to Artists. His mentoring program changed my life.

I used to focus on doing things for God and people.

I now do All things "With" God. 

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